Alice in Wonderland – 1959

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Title Alice in Wonderland
Start Date 06/05/1959
Finish Date 09/05/1959
Author Lewis Carroll
Director Ronald Quinn
Designer David Thomas
Company Trinity College
Venue Union Theatre
References Farrago
Reviews Farrago, 12th May 1959, p. 9 – “A Fantastical ‘Alice'” “…the genuine comic, surrealist phantasmagorical atmosphere was almost miraculously preserved…”
Photo – Large photo of Alice and rabbit (not sure if it from play or not) Farrago ed April 14 1959 P7; – photo of Alice and the White Queen.
Extra Notes MU Revue
Cast The Gryphon – Michael Joshua; Black Queen – Tony Williams; Mad Hatter – Bill Blake; Lion – Nigel Jackson; Alice – Susan Stone; White Queen – Julia McKay; White Knight – Richard Sutcliffe; Dormouse – Anthony Musson; Humpty Dumpty – Neil Forsyth; Ugly Duchess – Donal Wilson; Sheep – Adrienne Travers