An Enemy of the People – 1959

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Title An Enemy of the People
Start Date 07/07/1959
End Date 11/07/1959
Author Henrik Ibsen
Director Roslyn de Winter
Company Queen’s College Players
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews Wyvern mentions some unfavourable reviews. Farrago notes “Perhaps the less said about the Queen’s College presentation of Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People’ the better”.
Cast Barbara Perry, Darryl Palmer, Trisch Hill, Eddie Beacham, Francis Perry, Geoffrey Dabb, Robert Langton, Edwin Quinn, Bob Gallacher, Michael Jelinek, Ian Trethewey, John Tinney, Paul Eddy, John Green.
References Farrago 21/6/59, p.10.

Enemy of the People 1959 Poster