Arms and the Man – 1959

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Title Arms and the Man
Year 1959
Author George Bernard Shaw
Director John Sumner
Designer Anne Fraser
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Raina Petkoff – Dorothy Bradley; Catherine Petkoff – Moira Carleton; Louka – Lyndell Rowe; Captain Bluntschli – Frank Gaitliff ; Major Plechanoff – Lewis Fiander; Nicola – Alan Harvey; Major Paul Petkoff – Edward Howell; Major Sergius Saranoff – Frank Thring
References IWLAW
Extra Notes Revue
Notes 7th season 31 August 1959 – 3 March 1960 Stage Manager – Alan Harvey Assistant Stage Manager – Marion Edward – Lyndell Rowe Electrician – Rodger Richardson
Photo Photographs – Helmut Newton