Antigone – 21/04/1966

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Title Antigone
Start Date 21/04/1966
End Date 23/04/1966
Abstract A rendering of the ancient tale of Antigone and her refusal to adhere the to the King’s decree that her brothers body shall not be burned. A tale of rational responsibility versus emotional and individual choice.
Author Sophocles
Music Director Alan Morgan
Director Mavis Calder
Designer Brian Corless
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Methodist Ladies College Hall
Extra Notes A wonderful sketch of the King’s costume design accompanies the program.
Reviews One small but in depth review that is very positive.
References Program, review, sketch.
Cast Antigone, daughter of Oedipus – Geraldine McFalane; Ismene, daughter of Oedipus – Jancie Weldon; Creon,King of Thebes – David Niven; A Sentry – Ian Flannery; Haemon, son of Creon – Alistair Tweeddale; Teiresias, a blind prophet – Roy Leaney; A Messenger – Elwyn Peers; Eurydice, wife of Creon – Margery Tait; Chorus of Theban Elders – Alan Morgan (leader), Michael Fitzgerald, Vivienne Johnston, Christopher Opie, Janet Stahl, David Taylor, Eileen Wandell; Guards – Ian Morrison, Mark Newstead; Attendants on Eurydice – Lynette Cleveland, Janet McIvor.