Anouilh’s Antigone – 1968

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Title Anouilh’s Antigone
Year 1968
Abstract ‘Though based on Sophocles play of the same name written in 5th Century Athens, Anouilh’s Antigone is a work of universal reference.’ (from program)Themes of conflict between the individual and society – referring to modern totalitarianism.
Designer Graham Morrison
Author Sophocles
Director Keith Macartney
Author Jean Anouilh
Stage Manager Bruce Anderson
Company Queen’s College / St. Hilda’s College
Venue Architecture Theatre
Crew Assistant Producer – Kath Campbell; Business Manager – Ralph Seccombe; Publicity and Design – Ned Johnson; Sets – Jack Lewis and Graham Morrison; Tickets – Peter Freckleton, Micky Marshall and Di Worchester; Costumes – Lynne Ballard, Liz Dax, Gaye Rockman and Ray Proudlock; Lighting – Don Sloane and Allin Marrow; Make-up – Alison Cox and Jill Dixon; Prompter – Felicity Piesse; Photography – John Julian; Co-ordination – Brian Crozier
References Program
Cast Chorus – Jamie Pearce; Nurse – Sue McCulloch; Antigone – Lorelle Davy; Ismene – Val Clark; Haemon – Brian Crozier; Creon – John Graham; 1st Guard – Tim Blood; 2nd Guard – Ian Kronborg; 3rd Guard – Rick Hallworth; Messenger – David Steele; Page – Ken de la Coeur; Eurydice – Di Worcester.