Angelique – 1974

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Title Angelique
Year 1974
Abstract This production ….. is a student production with all participants (except for two) are members of Melbourne Uni or the Colleg of the Arts. This is the first production of Melbourne Uni Opera.
Author Ibert (music)
Author Nino (words)
Director Charles Bendrups
Music Director Roland Yeung
Company MU Opera
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Angelique – Merlyn Quaife; Boniface – Roland Cropley; 1st gossip – Barbarra Michealson; 2nd gossip – Jill Curray; Charlot – Simon Harvey; Italian – Peter Mander; Devil – John Dettering; Englishman – Graham Clark; Negro/Pitfallah – Peter Cox; Chorus – Nigel Calloway, Cathy Dale, Barry Graion, Micheal McColl, Helene McNamara, Jenny Richards.
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Extra Notes Film
Notes Composed in 1927. Stage Manager: Dawn Davis