Leonardo’s Last Supper – 31/07/1991

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Title Leonardo’s Last Supper
Start Date 31/07/1991
End Date 10/08/1991
Abstract A ‘romp’ in The Renaissance; a story of the revolting Lascas family who once made a living by bottling flatulation for medicinal purposes, but now make a crust by burying corpses. When the deceased Leonardo de Vinci is brought to their house to be buried they think they’ll be delivered from the poverty and misery of the burial trade and returned to a life of luxury in Florence.
Designer Len Bauska
Director Len Bauska
Author Peter Barnes
Company Ballarat College
Venue Des Connor Room
Notes MUD 91
Photo In Press 7/8/91; Archives 8/84 RWL.
Cast Sandra Moon Howard Tostivan Simon Buckle Rob Macleod; Miranda Crellin.
References Review
Reviews In Press 7/8/91 The Swine 12/8/91, p.8.

Leonardo's Last Supper 1991 Poster

Leonardo’s Last Supper 1991 Poster