Attempts On Her Life – 16/05/2008

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Title Attempts On Her Life
Start Date 16/05/2008
End Date 24/05/2008
Abstract Subtitled ’17 scenarios for theatre’ this piece is bold in not allocating lines to any specific character. Central narrative about a character who may, or may not, exist.A series of darkly comic, irony-laden scenarios in which the identity of Annie, Anja or Anne is repeatedly imagined, discussed, dissected and possibly dismissed.Martin Crimp’s postmodern play subtitled ’17 scenarios for the theatre’, is a rollercoaster of 21st Century obsessions. From pornography and ethnic violence, to terrorism and unprotected sex, its strange array of nameless characters attempt to invent the perfect story to encapsulate our time. Shocking and hilarious by turns, it’s as innovative as theatre can get.By special arrangement with Dominie pty ltd
Designer Nicholas Verso
Lighting Nik Pajanti
Author Martin Crimp
Director Susie Dee
Company Union House Theatre (see also Theatre Department
Venue Guild Theatre
Cast Chloe Boreham, Ella Roberts, Jennifer Mackie, Sophie Testart, Joshua Lynzaat, Jan Mihal, Anna Sheer, Kali Hulme, Megan Twycross, Laura Maitland, Ananth Gopal, Rhy Aconly-Jones

Attempts on Her Life 2008 – Poster