Sweet Charity

15/10/2008 – 18/10/2008

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Neil Simon, Cy Coleman, Dorothy Fields, Bob Fosse

The hilarious but tender award-winning story of an eternally optimistic girl unlucky in love, Sweet Charity will blow audiences away.

Caitlin Adams
Music director
Kathryn Sutherland and Steve Hodgson
Cailtin Adams
Anna Cameron, Caitlin Adams, David Kent
Charity Hope Valentine - Steph Hickey
Nickie - Danielle Asciak
Helene - Alex Flood
Oscar Lindquist - Matt Holt
Herman - Jack Brown
Vittorio Vidal - Daniel Czech
Ursula March - Cristin Adams
Daddy Brubeck - Reuben Krum
Dance Captains - Cristin Adams, Eamonn George


Julia Bennet-Mitrovski
Duncan Campbell
Kirsten Gray
Emily Hehir
Liam Murphy
Annie Johnston
Emma Leaver
Michael Leaver
Elyse McInerney
David Miles
Cassie Pennicuik
Giancarlo Salamanca
Allie Sutherland
Siobhan Toohey
Erica Tucceri
Gindi Wauchope
Director and Choreographer - Cailtin Adams
Musical Director - Kathryn Sutherland and Steve Hodgson
Production Manager - Shaun Fitzgerald
Stage Manager - Katie Hankin
Technical Director - David Kent

Costume Design - Caitlin Adams, Laura Spelbrink, Erin Hutchinson
Lighting Design - Adam Grikepelis
Assistant Stage Managers - Justin Nott, David Kelly
Set Design - Anna Cameron, Caitlin Adams, David Kent
Graphic Design - Michael Leaver
Sound Operator - Simon Kennedy
Front of House Manager - Iain Finlayson
Publicity- Kat St Lawrence, Katrina Cavanough, Vanessa Wang, Daisy Tian Dai
Rehearsal Accompanist - Lucy O'Brien
Production Assistant - Ellie Morrison
New York Correspondent - Liz Bradtke


Katie Hankin, Shaun Fitzgerald, David Kent, Justin Nott, David Kelly, Anna Cameron, Caitlin Adams, David Kent, Laura Spelbrink, Erin Hutchinson, Adam Grikepelis, Michael Leaver, Liam Murphy, David Tan, Katherine St Lawrence, Katrina Cavanough, Daisy Tan Dai, Iain Finlayson, Bronwyn Jones, Meg Fitzgerald, Simon Kennedy, Emily Adonolfi, Lucy O’Brien, Tristan Lawrence, Meg Fitzgerald, Chris Heath, Ellie Morrison, Paul Treasure, Phil Enchelmaier, Tilly Lunken, Jess Maguire, Sara Catchpole, Ele Toulmin