The Dice House

11/04/2013 – 13/04/2013

Paul Lucas

Dr Drabble blackmails his patient, Matthew, into kidnapping Mrs Drabble from his rival’s Centre from Research into Randomised Living. The only logical consequence is love, murder and hair removal.

Free your life from choice, submit to the power of the dice.

Benjamin Sheen & Katherine Gentry
Benjamin Sheen
Matthew - Joe Simmons
Dr. Drabble - Andrew Coates
Dr Ratner - Charlie Vickers-Willis
Knights of Grudge - Brittany Lewis
Victoire - Jennifer van Veldhuisen
Polly - Leech King
Smith - Brendan McDougall
Lisa - Morgan Thomas
Excaladoor - Alia Tun-Ismail
Dumbledoor - Cassandra Prigg
Dorothy - Catriona Dunham
Dindoor - Megan Redmond
Director & Set Design - Benjamin Sheen
Director - Katherine Gentry
Producer - Clara Walker
Stage manager - Natasha King
DSM - Megan Redmond
Lighting Op - Christie-Anna Ozorio
Sound Op - Greg Andrews
Backstage - Isabel Stewart-Kasimba
Costume Manager - Stephanie Cleary
Costume Assistant - Deborah Lin
FOH/Publicity - Julia Stone & Anna Mitchel
FOH/Publicity Assistant - Tamsin Buchan, Olivia Tovey
Poster Design - Hong Rui Lee
Sound/Publicity Design - Leech King
Props Manager - Georigia Marett
Props Assistant - Celest Dines Muntner