Antigone – 04/04/1956

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Title Antigone
Start Date 04/04/1956
End Date 07/04/1956
Abstract A tragedy about the individual versus the state and questionsof loyalty.
Designer Colin Chalmers
Author Sophocles
Director Mavis George
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Geraldine Burston, Sylvia REid, Bill Levis, Robert Howard, Graeme Tonge, Brian Crossley, David Fopp, Elisabeth Doyle, Lewis Rhys, Bruce Clarkson, Russel Kerr, Douglas Calder, Jim MackKenzie, Kevin Mills, John Watson, Janet MacKenzie, Hazel Maxian, David Niven.
References Program; Minutes/Farrago – 1956
Author Translated by E.F. Watling
Reviews Farrago, 17th April 1956, p.7.
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