Union House Theatre

Union House Theatre is the hub for extracurricular student theatre and performance at the University of Melbourne. We program plays, workshops and events giving students a taste of professional practice. We have five staff members and manage two theatres – one is also a cinema – in Union House. We provide support to student playwrights, directors, performers and technicians.

Union House Theatre's Productions

  1. Comedy on Campus

    Union House Theatre

    Comedy (2017)

    Comedy on Campus Presented by Union House Theatre   We have an epic program lined up with the best of student comedy, alumni comedy, masterclasses, screenings a...

  2. Mirror’s Edge

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2017)

    Sea Lake is dying — a tiny drought-stricken town in the heart of the Mallee. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a busload of Chinese tourists turn up to take photos on the ...

  3. Macbeth + macdeath : a coda

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2016)

    Macbeth + macdeath: a coda Directed by Petra Kalive By William Shakespeare and Jean Tong A dark prophecy triggers the rise and fall of an ambitious couple whose way...

  4. Megaphone Democracy

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2016)

    How do you show you care? Megaphone Democracy is a theatrical exploration of action, apathy, cynicism and ‘clicktivism’. Through extensive interviews with indivi...

  5. 1938 : An Opera

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (2012)

    Focusing on nationalism and racism, this opera is set amongst the 1938 Australia Day celebrations at the height of the White Australia Policy, when the first Aborigi...

  6. Echo

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (2015)

    Auslan interpreted performance on Thursday 28th May Echo is an adaptation of the Echo and Narcissus myth. Investigating the modern narcissist, it is a multidisciplin...

  7. Don’t Bring Lulu

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2014)

  8. The Tempest

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2013)

    Director’s Note: Welcome to this production of The Tempest at Union House. It has been a wonderful, slightly nostalgic project for me having graduated 21 years ago...

  9. Third Person

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (2013)

    A world premiere production by one of Australia’s leading playwrights, Third Person takes place in the ruins of Berlin not long after the fall of Hitler’...

  10. I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (2004)

  11. No Place Like – 28/05/2011

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (2011)

    Current MU student, Chris Summers, has written a fierce and blackly riotous riff on the idea of ‘home’. He takes us from present day Melbourne, where a tragedy u...

  12. Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (2010)

    Expect the unexpected in this riotous and gleeful version of Sondheim’s all-singing, all-slashing musical classic. With a brilliant cast drawn from the Conservator...

  13. Pirate Eyes

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2001)

    Lally Katz was commissioned to write Pirate Eyes for Union House Theatre

  14. A History of Heaven

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (1999)

    An eclectic exploration of new technology, intriguing concepts and a “new generation of seekers and doubters”.

  15. Aeffluence: A musical cosmorama

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (1974)

    Aeffluence is a reworking of a rock musical performed in August 1972 from which a limited number of LP’s were released. The script was redeveloped by “young M...

  16. A Journey of Discovery by the Eloquent Body

    Union House Theatre

    Dance (1971)

  17. A Refined Look at Existence

    Union House Theatre

    Play (1970)

    Victorian Premier

  18. A Fine Line and the Occasional Raspberry

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (1967)

    Short plays by Bellow, Beckett, Ionesco and Pinter

  19. A Singular Man

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (1966)