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  1. BABY.

    FLW Theatre

    Play (2017)

    Red is nothing, red is always the inside. You can’t wrap the baby up in a red blanket to show who it is. It’s the second colour that counts. Three young women wa...

  2. Adrift in my Ocean of Sugar Tears

    Mudfest FLW Theatre

    Play (2017)

    Nora and Edna are drifting. Nora and Edna don’t like each other very much. Nora and Edna need each other. Nora and Edna long for the ocean. A female-identifying du...

  3. Romeo is Not the Only Fruit



    Romeo is Not the Only Fruit marks DisColourNation‘s debut original full-length pilot theatrical extravaganza. Join us on a romp through familiar tropes made new a...

  4. Mirror’s Edge

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2017)

    Sea Lake is dying — a tiny drought-stricken town in the heart of the Mallee. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a busload of Chinese tourists turn up to take photos on the ...

  5. Blackrock (2016)


    Play (2016)

  6. 1938 : An Opera

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (2012)

    Focusing on nationalism and racism, this opera is set amongst the 1938 Australia Day celebrations at the height of the White Australia Policy, when the first Aborigi...

  7. Alcopops and Robbers

    Trinity College

    Play (2014)

    Upstairs and behind closed doors, at a cops and robbers themed house party, unfolds a farce of farcical proportion. In 2014, the Trinity College Dramatic Society pre...

  8. Aussie Rules

    Blank Slate

    Play (2013)

    When Wikileaks uncovers a sex tape of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, a general election is called. Under the slogan ‘Doing it for the Team” the AFL launc...

  9. Away (2008)

    Trinity College

    Play (2008)

  10. Away (2001)

    St. Mary’s College

    Play (2001)

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