Tag: comedy


  1. Mudcrabs Go Wild


    Comedy (2018)

    Dialog Review: Mudcrabs Go Wild!: Or Do They?  

  2. Death of a Salman

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Revue (2017)

    An original horror mystery filled with comedy, dance and stellar acting performances.

  3. Fine Arts of the Caribbean

    Revue (2017)

    Produced by the VCA revue Board, the Ex-presidents Society How many Fine Arts students does it take to change a lightbulb? Just kidding! We don’t change lightbulbs...

  4. Comedy on Campus

    Union House Theatre

    Comedy (2017)

    Comedy on Campus Presented by Union House Theatre   We have an epic program lined up with the best of student comedy, alumni comedy, masterclasses, screenings a...

  5. Captain Australia: Emu War


    Revue (2016)

    Come one, come all to Medleys 2016 comedy show- Captain Australia: Emu War! We’ve got a great line up of sketches, songs and dances for you, followed by a com...

  6. MUSLSA Annual Charity Play (2016)

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Revue (2016)

  7. 50 Shades of Footscray


    Revue (2014)

  8. Alcopops and Robbers

    Trinity College

    Play (2014)

    Upstairs and behind closed doors, at a cops and robbers themed house party, unfolds a farce of farcical proportion. In 2014, the Trinity College Dramatic Society pre...

  9. As You Like It

    MUSC (Melbourne Uni Shakespeare Company)

    Play (2014)

    The banished daughter of a banished father, Rosalind flees the court of her usurping uncle. Disguising herself, and accompanied by her cousin Celia and Touchstone th...

  10. Betty Crocker and the Philosopher’s Scone


    Revue (2013)