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  1. 9 to 5: The Musical

    St. Hilda’s College Theatre Group

    Musical (2017)

    Get ready, because St Hilda’s College Theatre Group is taking you back to the 1980’s to present a hilarious story of friendship, revenge, and even a little romance!

  2. Adrift in my Ocean of Sugar Tears

    Mudfest FLW Theatre

    Play (2017)

    Nora and Edna are drifting. Nora and Edna don’t like each other very much. Nora and Edna need each other. Nora and Edna long for the ocean. A female-identifying du...

  3. Love and Information


    Play (2017)

    Love and Information, one of the prolific Caryl Churchill’s more recent masterpieces, explores human interaction and the effects technological advancement has ...

  4. Romeo is Not the Only Fruit



    Romeo is Not the Only Fruit marks DisColourNation‘s debut original full-length pilot theatrical extravaganza. Join us on a romp through familiar tropes made new a...

  5. 10 Out of 12

    Ormond College Drama Club

    Musical (2017)

    Disorganised is an understatement, but the show must go on. Welcome to tech. Ormond College Drama Club Presents Anne Washburn’s comedy ’10 Out of 12.R...

  6. Dance with the Devil

    University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association (UMMTA)

    Play (2003)

    Directed by Michelle Radcliffe Original Concept Emma Leaver

  7. Dinner

    Play (2008)

    Presented by Janet Clarke Hall and performed at the College When Paige and her husband Lars invite some friends over to dinner, they get much more than you expect.As...

  8. As You Wish

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Play (2009)

    Mayhem ensues when a slightly effeminate and bootylicious genie enters Prashant’s life. He learns the wisdom of the age old saying ˜be careful what you wish for...

  9. 2010: A Space Oddity

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Play (2010)

    When two students uncover a plot by a neighbouring planet to invade Earth, they embark on a mission that sees them fighting vampires, zombies and lethally blonde bim...

  10. Crook’ed: A Criminal Comedy

    Play (2009)

    Presented by Heist Theatre at the Irene Mitchell Studio. Chicago, 1931: the height of prohibition, and the era of public enemies. Notorious crime boss, Al Capone, hi...

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