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Trinity College's Productions

  1. This Random World

    Trinity College

    Play (2017)

    Trinity College Drama Society presents ‘This Random World’ a modern comedy/drama play by American playwright Steven Dietz. Mining the comedy of missed connection...

  2. High School Musical

    Trinity College

    Musical (2017)

    This year, Trinity College has returned to our Disney days to put together a childhood favourite. Showcasing an incredible range of talents and abilities, this year...

  3. The Other Woman

    Trinity College

    Play (2016 )

    The Other Woman By Heather Nimmo Presented by Trinity College Dramatic Society Set in parliament in the early 2000s, The Other Woman follows the exploits of Alex (S...

  4. Grease

    Trinity College

    Musical (2016 )

  5. Female of The Species

    Trinity College

    Play (2015)

  6. Cabaret

    Trinity College

    Musical (2015)

  7. Alcopops and Robbers

    Trinity College

    Play (2014)

    Upstairs and behind closed doors, at a cops and robbers themed house party, unfolds a farce of farcical proportion. In 2014, the Trinity College Dramatic Society pre...

  8. The Drowsy Chaperone

    Trinity College

    Musical (2014)

  9. Così

    Trinity College

    Play (2013)

  10. A Chorus Line

    Trinity College

    Musical (2013)

    DIRECTOR’S NOTE A Chorus line is an incredibly poignant production to every person working in the performing arts industry. It speaks not only to dancers but t...

  11. Alcestis (1898)

    Trinity College

    Play (1898)

    There was an audience of 1700 spectators. This was the first performance of a Greek tragedy in Victoria.

  12. Away (2008)

    Trinity College

    Play (2008)

  13. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2002)

    Trinity College

    Musical (2002)

  14. Bye, Bye Birdie (1996)

    Trinity College

    Musical (1996)

    Performed at St. Martin’s Youth Theatre

  15. Brilliant Lies

    Trinity College

    Play (1996)

  16. Anything Goes (1991)

    Trinity College

    Musical (1991)

  17. Antony and Cleopatra (1991)

    Trinity College

    Play (1991)

  18. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1988)

    Trinity College

    Play (1988)

    The set reversed the Guild Theatre, so that the audience was seated on stage and the stage was positioned in the usual audience seating area.

  19. After Magritte

    Trinity College

    Play (1987)

  20. The Boyfriend – 06/06/1985

    Trinity College


  21. A Game of Chess

    Trinity College

    Play (1983)

  22. Bartholomew Fair

    Trinity College

    Play (1960)

  23. Alice in Wonderland (1959)

    Trinity College

    Play (1959)

    Review Excerpt: “A Fantastical ‘Alice’” “…the genuine comic, surrealist phantasmagorical atmosphere was almost miraculously preserved…” -Farrago,...