The Wasps of Aristophanes – 25/04/1906

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Title The Wasps of Aristophanes
Start Date 25/04/1906
End Date 25/04/1906
Abstract Aristophanes’ finest comedy – A satire on the litiginous Athenian society.
Author Aristophanes
Director Alex Leeper
Company Queen’s College Players
Ormond Players
Trinity College Players
Venue Ormond College Hall
Cast List F.S Carse, J.C McPhee, c.w Miller, F.W Cunningham, M.B Higgins, H.Creswick, M.W Ratz, H.N Butler, W.Bromwell, F. Lawton, G.Fink, E.T.C Milligan, L.Mitchell, S.F McDonald, P.Le Couteur, j.H Allen, F.W Slade, L.Elcoate, W.j Clarke, F.E Dosseter, A.E Goller, W. Gunson, A.O Hardie, N.Hodges, W.D Marshall, A.G miller, E. Nall, H.L Penfold, E.G Petherick,J.C.W Stretch, A. tulloch, A.R Wilson
Jubilee celebrations This was part of celebrations for the University’s Jubilee Year
Crew Stage Manager – The Warden of Trinity; Musical Trainer – The Vice-Master of Ormond; Conductor – The Master of Queen’s.
References Scrapbook, Vol 3, 1906-1922, Drama Box No. 19.1.3, Queen’s College Archives.