The Critic – 1920

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Title The Critic
Year 1920
Author Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Company Queen’s College Dramatic Club
Other Frank Russell’s novel ,’the ashes of achievement’ describes this performance.,
References Some cast and/or crew names found on large mounted autographed cast photo (archive code: 17/6/22) kept at Queen’s College Archives. Other names on picture source cited in this record.,Queens College archives: Scrap number 3 1906-1922
Cast D.H.Eakins, H.E.Williams, Mona Grant, W.H.Downing, W.B.Davies, J.H.Webster, L.J.Parker,P.H.Hopkins,Ruth Sugden, L.M.Humphery, E.L.Vencos, Katherine Sugden, B.B.W.Chaston, Keith A.Bennett, Les Hutchison, Austin James, H.E.L.Jones, Rita Collins, Lorna Sterling, R.C. Mille, J.F.Parker, A.B. Phillips (as listed on large and small mounted cast photos – not entire cast, some may be crew and names may be incorrectly spelt)