Rhodes to Glory – 11/05/1937

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Title Rhodes to Glory
Start Date 11/05/1937
End Date 15/05/1937
Abstract ‘Being Seven Ages of Harold Brown, and other Exits and Entrances’; Theme- the life history of a University Student.
Director Terence Crisp
Music Director Ian Braid
Choreographer Gerald McErclean
Company MU Annual Revue
Venue King’s Theatre
References Farrago; from: Theatre Production DB; Program.
Notes ‘contains notes on which skits were good and bad!’; Organisers would offer incentives to students for eg ‘2 free tickets for anyone who can supply a really snappy title, suggesting theme in a nutshell. Organising secretary: Mr Randall Deasey. This was the 5th annual revue. ‘6,400 people were spellbound.’
Photo Has several photos of show scenes
Reviews Review in May 18th edition of Farrago.
Cast David Thomas, Cynthia Sutton, Mandie Flint, Marion Gauld, Roma Rainford, Jessie Brookes, Lois Williams, Randall Deasey, Alex Janoves, Barbara Burton, Finlay Patrick Keith Macartney & Others