Storm Song – 06/04/1938

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Title Storm Song
Start Date 06/04/1938
End Date 21/04/1938
Abstract A three act play set on the seaboard of the North Atlantic and also in London. Based upon the maing of the film “Man of Aran”
Cast Member Elden de Steiger
Cast Member Murray Sutherland
Cast Member Ben Meredith
Cast Member Marjorie Dyson
Director Keith Macartney
Author Denis Johnston
Cast Member Noel Bergere
Cast Member Colin McAlpin
Company Melbourne University Dramatic Club (MUDC)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Michael Mor – Finlay Patrick; Maggie’s Bartley – Bob Miles; Bride – Mollie Shackleton; Sean Power – Keith Macartney; Colm Ruadh – Murray Sutherland; Sarah – Yvonne Elsum; Michael O’Flaherty – Allan C Ashbolt; Bob Bristow – Dick Hamer; Gordon King – Colin McAlpin; Raymond Chenevix – Keith Dowding; Szilard – Frank Brooks; Sibby – Cynthia Sutton; Deirdre Dobbs – Marjorie Dyson; The Earl of Clanbrassil – Elden de Steiger; Martin Burke – Laurence Thomas; Jal Joyce – hazel Upton; Alf Quilt – David Thomas; Paudeen – Ben Meredith; The Captain of the Steamer – William Scott; Collins – Stewart Ferguson; The Wireless Voice – Noel Bergere; The Commissionaire – Ronald Crout; The Telegraph Boy – John Leckie; Maysie Bristow – Erica Goldring; Waiters – W Gardner Davies, Ian Miller; Theatre Guests – Joan Giddy, Mollie Shackleton, Rona Ellinson, Winsome Forbes, Jean Ince, Jean Morton, Barbara Russell, Marjory Sutcliffe, Shirley Waddilove-Duncan, Mary Watson, Walter Birch, Ken Evans, John A Falkiner, William Harris, Alan Mason, Elizabeth Parkinson.
Reviews Farrago, 12/4/38 p.2. – review entitled “Storm Song Success Broks Fine Performance”.
References Program – signed by some cast members,Rowden White: 184/01 Elden de Steiger Coll, 2/2 bag:mixed
Notes First production to be staged in the Union Theatre.