Village Wooing; Ancestors; Shall We Join the Ladies – 04/04/1940

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Title Village Wooing; Ancestors; Shall We Join the Ladies
Start Date 04/04/1940
End Date 01/04/1940
Abstract “Village Wooing” (by G. B. Shaw) Dir: M. Sutherland “Ancestors” (Vance Palmer) Edgar Hancourt “Shall we Join the Ladies” (J. M. Barrio) Cynthia Sutton Other readings in TAP Meetings: Men Graduate Sitting Room Union : -18/7/40 “Juno & the Paycock” (O’Casey, Sean) -Undated minutes “Amphitryon 38” Dir: Peggy Tellick (Giraudox) -30/10/40 “Design for Living” (Noel Coward) Keith Macartney -19/2/41 “The Distaff Side” (John Van Druten) Keith Macartney -25/3/41 “People in Love” (Arthur Reid) Eldon de Steiger -21/5/41 “Thunder Rock” (robert Ardney) D. K. Cameron -15/10/41 “The Circle” (Somerset Mugham) *see also photocopy of 1939-43 summary of TAP readings End date: 4/4/40 & others Year: 1940 & 41
Director Cynthia Sutton
Director M. Sutherland
Author George Bernard Shaw
Author Vance Palmer
Author James M. Barrie
Director Edgar Hancourt
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union House, Mens Grad Sitting Room,
Notes Producers: Village Wooing – M Sutherland; Ancestors – Edgar Harcourt; Shall We Join the Ladies – Cynthia Sutton
References Bailleu: TAP minutes 90/114 vol 1