Red Hot and Blue – 01/07/1941

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Title Red Hot and Blue
Start Date 01/07/1941
End Date 05/07/1941
Abstract A collection of short extracts from plays, comedy skits, musical numbers and ballet – accompanied by large orchestra.
Music Director Murray Parker
Stage Manager Desmond Connor
Director Terence Crisp
Company MU Annual Revue
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews Review in Farrago p.2 on 8/7/41. Revue details on front page Farrago 1/7/41 ‘To-night’.
Cast Bill Serpell, Ronald Howell, Peter Watson, Ken Bishop, Tom Ready, Josephine Filippini, Nancy Spiers, Joy Youlden, Tom O’Farrell, Nancy Lee, Sam Cohen, Beryl Wilson, John Gates, Gwenda Wilson & others
References Program; Farrago 13/5/41,