Tonight at 8.30 (Still Life – Hands Across the Sea)

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Title Tonight at 8.30 (Still Life, Fumed Oak, Hands Across the Sea)
Start Date 14/07/1941
End Date 15/07/1941
Abstract Still Life – a play set in the refreshment room of Milford junction station UK,Fumed Oak – A comedy set in south London,Hands Across the sea – a light comedy set in London
Director Elden de Steiger
Author Noel Coward
Director Frank Brooks
Director Ruby May
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Jean Lawson, John Robertson, keith Mackenzie, Ruby May, Joy Youlden, Frank Brooks, Hugh McCulloch, Edgar Harcourt, Stanley Lowe, Lucy George, Dorothea Dixon, Nancy O’Brien, Esme Broadhurst, Brian Vance, Ian Lasry, Cynthia Sutton, Ron south , Gwen Young, Douglas James, Elden De Steiger, Keith Macartney, Joyce Turner, Ceaviney Jenkins, Peggy Ray
Reviews Farrago – 15/7/41 p.3.
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