Various Plays (Playreading) – 1942

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Title Various Plays (Playreading)
Year 1942
Abstract ‘Theatre Royal’, ‘Short(?) Story(?)’, ‘Importance of Being Ernest’, ‘No More Music’, ‘Blithe Spirit’, ‘Outwood Bound’, ‘Candida’, ‘The Dover Road’, ‘Anna Christie’.
Company Tin Alley Players
References Minutes
Extra Notes Playreading
Notes PLAY READINGS 667 Burke Rd (Hawthorn) 19/2/42 “Theatre Royal” (E. Ferber & G. Kaufman) K. Macartney Mens Sitting Room 30/3/42 “Short(?) Story(?)” (Robert Hearley(?)) 5/5/42 “Import. of being Ernest” (Oscar Wilde) Mr de Steiger 25/5/42 “No More Music” (Rosemary Lefman?) George Amos 22/6/42 “Blithe Spirit” (N. Coward) 22/7/42 “Outwood Bound” (Sutton Vane’s?) Ruby May 24/8/42 “Candida” (B. Shaw) 5/10/42 “The Dover Road” (A. A. Milner) Donald Cameron 21/10/42 “Anna Christie” (E. O. Wall) Ruby May *See also photocopy of 1939-43 Summary of TAP Readings found in minute book.