Time and the Conways – 04/09/1942

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Title Time and the Conways
Start Date 04/09/1942
End Date 05/09/1942
Abstract A three – act play dealing with pre-cognition and the ravages of time.
Director Keith Macartney
Stage Manager Desmond Connor
Author J. B. Priestley
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
References Program; Minutes,Rowden White: Elden De Steiger coll: 184/01 box 2/2 bag 1942-45: program
cast Dorothea Dixon, Lucy George, Elden De Steiger, Peggy Tellick, Cynthia Sutton, Ruby May, Nancye O’Brien, George Amos, Les young, Winston Hunter, Elsa Haas
Crew Costumers – Ida Seitz; Publicity – Grace Villiers; Properties – Jean Tainsh
Notes Ninth TAP production.