The Constant Wife – 01/10/1943

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Title The Constant Wife
Start Date 01/10/1943
End Date 02/10/1943
Abstract A Play in three acts – set in a London living room
Director Les Young
Music Director Jean Robinson
Designer Desmond Connor
Author W. Somerset Maughan
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Reference Elden de Steiger 184/01 2/2 42-45
Cast Sylvia Samuel, Lola Russell, Yetta Rothberg, Marjorie Reynolds, Rhona Connery, Margaret Schofield, Ian Lasry, Francis Sullivan, Rex Rienits
Crew Property Mistress and Secretary – Nancye O’Brien; Publicity Director – Elizabeth Thwaites; Business Manager – Maurice Belz
References Program scanned; Minutes
Extra Notes The program notes that half the proceeds of each performance will go to Red Cross Prisoners of War Fund and the Union appeal Fund. One program has a name and address scrawled on it.