various Plays – 1944

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Title various Plays
Year 1944
Company Tin Alley Players
Extra Notes Playreading
References Annual Report 44/45
Notes A list of the play reading done by the Tin Alley Players since November 1944 and up to November 1945: -“Lot’s Wife” (Blackmore) -“Yes, My Darling Daughter” (Reed) -“The Long Mirror” (Priestley) – “Quiet Night” (Blewett) -“The Man with a Load of Mischief” (Dukes) -“Ariadne” (Milne) -“Lover’s Leap” (Johnson) -“Scene from ‘Henry IV Part 1′” (Shakespeare) -“Mr. Sampson” (Lee) -“X equals 0” (Drinkwater) -“Biography” (Behraman) -“Springtime for Henry” (Levy)