Spring Meeting – 15/09/1945

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Title Spring Meeting
Start Date 15/09/1945
End Date 18/09/1945
Abstract A three act comedy set in Tipperary, Ireland.
Author Perry, J
Director Les Young
Designer Dorothea Dixon
Author Farrell, MJ
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Crew Stage Direction – Desmond Connor; Business Manager – Maurice Belz; Secretary – Ruby May
Extra Notes Proceeds to Union House Appeal Fund.
References Program; Annual Report 44/45
Cast Joan Furze – Marjorie Dyson; Baby Furze – Shirley Patterson; James – Winston Hunter; Bijou Furze – Ruby May; Michael Byrne – Gordon Cook; Sir Richard Furze – Frank Brooks; Johnny Mahoney – Keith Macartney; Tiny Fox-Collier – Sue Galbraith; Tony Fox-Collier – Alan Burke