Plays – 1946

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Title Plays, various before TAP meetings…
Year 1946
Notes -June play reading cancelled due to light restorations -all playreadings took place in the Men’s Lounge -‘This Happy Breed’ was part of a fundraiser for the ‘Food for Britain Appeal’ -Average attendence for the playreadings was: 1946 – 121, 1947 – 130, 1948 – 96 -‘The Twelfth Night’ (Shakespeare) 4/3/46 -‘The Title’ (Arnold Bennett) 1/4/46 -‘Close Quarters’ (W.O. Somin) 6/5/46 -‘Personnel’ (Fredrick Howard) 1/7/46 -‘Of Mice and Men’ (John Steinbeck) 5/8/46 -‘For Services Rendered’ (W. Somerset Maughan) 2/9/46 -‘Present Laughter’ (Noel Coward) 16/10/46 -‘Laburnum Grove’ (J. B. Priestley) 11/11/46 -‘Mrs Warren’s Profession’ (Bernard Shaw) 10/2/47 -‘Desert Highway’ (J. B. Priestley) 3/3/47 -‘This Happy Breed’ (Noel Coward) 14/4/47 -‘Here comes Mr. Jordan’ (Sidney buchman & Seton I. Miller) 5/5/47 -‘Amphitryon 38’ (Jean Giradoux) 11/6/47 -‘The Old Ladies’ (Rodney Accand) 7/7/47 -‘An Inspector Calls’ (J. B. Priestley) 4/8/47 -‘The Wind of Heaven’ (Emlyn Wiliams) 1/9/47 -‘The Twelve Pound Look’ (Sir James Barrie) 6/10/47 -‘Passport to Romance’ (Harold Brighouse) 6/10/47 -‘Fumed Oak’ (Noel Coward) 6/10/47 -‘The Glass Menagerie’ (Tennessee Williams) 3/11/47 -‘Or Would You Rather Stay At Home?’ (Olivia Stanson) 2/2/48 -‘The Shining Hour’ (Keith Winter) 3/3/48 -‘The Voice of the Turtle’ (John Van Druten) 5/4/48 -‘Good-Night, Children’ (J. B. Priestley) 3/5/48 -‘Great Argument’ -series of short plays and extracts 7/6/48 -‘The Amirable Crichton’ (J. M. Barrie) 5/7/48 [Programme for play reading on 2/8/48 unavailable – may have been ‘The Mask of Virtue’ -KT] -‘Rosmer Sholm’ (Ibsen, Henrik) 6/9/48 -‘The Eagle has Two heads’ (Jean Cocteau) 4/10/48 -‘Words and Music’ -a programme of poetry and play readings and songs 30/11/48 -‘The Linden Tree’ (J. B. Priestley) 2/3/49 -‘The Moon in the Yellow River’ (Denis Johnston)
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