The Playboy of the Western World – 22/06/1946

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Title The Playboy of the Western World
Start Date 22/06/1946
End Date 25/06/1946
Abstract An Irish comedy in three acts.
Author J. M. Synge
Director Les Young
Director Keith Macartney
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Bill Ryall, Gwen Izzard, Ruby May, Winston Hunter, Hugh Neville, Keith mckenzie, Arthur Davies, Collin Hilton, Cynthia Sutton, Joan Harvey, Lola russel, Moreen Dunkerly, Brian Thewlis, Noel McLachlan, George Seddon.
Crew Scenery and Stage Direction – Desmond Connor; Costumes and Properties – Mrs J.A.Seitz and Dorothea Dixon; Properties Assistant – Diana Medley; Business Manager – Maurice Belz; Secretary – Ruby May
References Farrago 20/6/46; Program
Notes Farrago 21/6/46. Keith Macartney was available as producer until another disaster loomed. Assoc Professor Macartney was compelled to retire from direction. Luckily Les young who produced the last 3 Tin Alley plays stepped into the breach…..