The Flies (Les Mouches) – 19/06/1948

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Title The Flies (Les Mouches)
Start Date 19/06/1948
End Date 23/06/1948
Abstract Satre’s political piece about the nature of human freedom.
Stage Manager Desmond Connor
Choreographer Joy Youlden
Director Stanley Lowe
Author Jean Paul Sartre
Cast Member George Fairfax
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Extra Notes Proceeds to Union House Appeal Fund.
References Program; Farrago 18/5/48 p3; Annual Report
Cast Orestes – George Fairfax; The Tutor – Les Young; The Idiot – George Amos; Zeus – Ronald S. Mann; Electra – Shirley Davis; Clytemnestra – Peggy Tellick; A Young Woman – Betty Meredith; Aegistheus – Eric Young; The High Priest – Alan McCasker; First Soldier – John Robertson; Second Soldier – Alven Powell; First Fury – Gwen Reid; Second Fury – Elisabeth Neate; Third Fury – Valma Smith; Townsfolk of Argos – Val Farrow, Shirley Courtney, Marjorie Scott, June Stewart, Ettie Davis, Elizabeth Rosenblum, Catharine Eales, David Goodall, Harrie F. Lambert, Bill Newnham, C. W. Judkins, Bill Sayers. George Fairfax, Shirley Davis, Eric Young, Peggy Tellick, Wally Waller.
Reviews Farrago 29/6/48 – “a commendable effort”.
Notes Translated by: Stuart Gilbert