The Father – 28/08/1948

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Title The Father
Start Date 28/08/1948
Author August Strindberg
Director Alan Burke
Company Melbourne University Dramatic Club (MUDC)
Venue Union Theatre
References Program; Farrago 20/7/48 p.5.
Extra Notes Archi Revue
Notes MU entry in the 1948 Inter-Varsity Drama Festival (Aug 17-28) Producer: Alan Burke
Cast a Cavalry Captain – Bill Ryall; Laura, his wife – Mary O’keefe; Bertha, their daughter – Ailsa Thompson; Dr Ostermark – George Fairfax; The Pastor – David Race; The Nurse – Lesley Hogg; Nojd – Saul Dominitz; The Orderly – A H Partridge. Produced by Alan Burke.