various Plays – 1949

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Title various Plays
Year 1949
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Notes -9/11/49 “A Message for Margaret” (James Parish) -5/12/49 “An Aust. Evening” inc. “Shipwreck” (Douglas Stewart) -6/3/50 “The Lady’s Not for Burning” (Christopher Fry) -3/4/50 “Hindle Wakes” (Stanley Houghton) -1/5/50 “Cross Purposes” (Albert Camus) -5/6/50 “The Late Christopher Bean” (Emlyn Williams) Eric Young -3/7/50 “Love in Idleness” (Terence Rattigan) George Amos -9/8/50 “Fountains Beyond” (George L Dann) -4/9/50 “The Giaconda Smile” (Aldous Huxley) -2/10/50 “The Cocktail Party” (T S Eliot) -2/4/51 “The Liars” (Henry Arthur Jones) Derek Van Abbe -7/5/51 “Deirdre of the Sorrows” (J. M. Synge) K Macartney -4/6/51 “Ring Around the Moon” (Jean Anouilh) Jean Watson -6/8/51 “Bonaventrue” (Charlotte Hastings) Margaret Hetherington -3/9/51 “The Little Hut” (Andre Roussin tr. by Nancy Mitford) -1/10/51 “The Rivals” (Sheridan) -5/11/51 “The Browning Version” (Terence Rattigan) Leila Blake -5/11/51 “Husbands & Lovers” 3 sketches (Ferenc Molnar) Leila Blake -12/12/51 “London Hieghts” (K. Macartney) -3/3/52 “Black Chiffon” (Lesley Storm) Janet Mackenzie -5/5/52 “Rain” (Somerset Maughan) Yvonne Bert -7/4/52 “As You Desire Me” (Luigi Parandello) Tedd Mason -2/6/52 “The Skin Game” (John Galsworthy) …John sumner? -7/7/52 “Friends & Relations” (St John Ervine) Gus Bukham -4/8/52 “Before the Party” (W. Somerset Maughan) Rayden James -1/9/52 “Fumed Oak” & “Ways & Means” from “Tonight at 8” (Noel Coward) Yvonne Bert -6/10/52 “Spring Meeting” (M J Farrell & John Perry) Pres’t Elden de Steiger -3/10/52 “Thor with Angels” (Christopher Fry) Mavis George -2/3/53 “The River Line” (Charles Morgan) Margaret Hetherington -8/4/53 “Blow Your Own Trumpet” (Peter Ustinov) Mavis George -6/5/53 “Escapade” (Roger Macdoygall) Grenville Spencer -3/8/53 “Dragon’s Mouth” (J S Priestley & Jacquetta Hawkes) Loise Homfrey -7/9/53 “If this be error” (Rachel Grieve) Yvonne Be
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