This Happy Breed – 26/05/1949

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Title This Happy Breed
Start Date 26/05/1949
End Date 28/05/1949
Abstract A 3 act play set in London.
Author Noel Coward
Designer Desmond Connor
Director Elden de Steiger
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews Kenneth Bell “TAP were commendably good… But what a drab little play it is” (no paper/date ID). ‘Farrago’ 13/7/49 ‘This Happy Breed’ by Mundane “The day was saved by some of the most polished character-acting yet seen”.,
Crew Stage Direction – Desmond Connor; Costumes – Peggy Tellick; Properties and Stage Direction – Diana Medley, assisted by June Stewart and Elizabeth Rosenblum; Business Manager – George Amos
References Paper clippings; Program; Newsletter / Annual Report / Minutes,Bailleu: TAP 91/105.
Extra Notes Other reviews: 3 reviews, all positive about quality of acting and staging, but critical of authors skills. One lengthy review by farrago (July 13, 1949) very finicky review.”Elden De Steigers production was…as uninspired as the furniture and about as wooden”.
Notes Part of the Graduates’ Week Festival.
Program References Autographed Program: Elden de Steiger Collection – Box #2 (184/02),Rowden White Library
Cast Mrs Flint – Peggy Ray; Ethel – Gwen Reid; Sylvia – Peggy Haynes; Frank Gibbons – Keith McKenzie; Bob Mitchell – Grenville Spencer; Reg – Norman Dewhurst; Queenie – Yetta Rothberg; Vi – Wilma Rutter; Sam Leadbitter – John Haynes; Phyllis Blake – Eugenie Platt; Edie – Ettie Davis; Billy – Mick Williams
Cast Peggy Ray as ‘Grandma Flint’ – ‘passport’ photo in paper (not great)