Peer Gynt – 04/01/1950

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Title Peer Gynt
Start Date 04/01/1950
End Date 15/04/1950
Abstract A three act play set in the 1800’s in Norway.
Author Henrik Ibsen
Director Joy Youlden
Music Director Dorian Le Galliene
Designer Desmond Connor
Company Melbourne University Dramatic Club (MUDC)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Norma Dickeson, Valerie Groves, Ailsa Sefton, Bill Palstra, Charles O’Ryan, John Neal, Ernst Handros, Neville Colbran, John Gutteridge. Peer Gynt – Bill Ryall Too many to list.
References Farrago 1950; Program
Reviews Farrago, 5 April 1950, p.7 Farrago, 19 April 1950, p.7.
Notes – Farrago, 6 March 1950, p.3 – “Peer Gynt for 95th Birthday” to celebrate 95 years of the University; the Union Theatre’s 340th production. – Australian premiere – This was the commencement play (cast of 70) Troll masks designed and executed by Frank Thring. Sets, Peter Thodey, Costumes Elizabeth Richardson