The Queen’s Comedy – 04/11/1951

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Title The Queen’s Comedy
Start Date 04/11/1951
End Date 17/04/1951
Abstract The action comes from the books XIV and XV of the Illiad.
Author James Bridie
Music Director Alan Baxter
Music Director Ralph Clarkson
Director Desmond Connor/ Joy Youlden
Company Melbourne University Dramatic Club (MUDC)
Venue Union Theatre
Photo – Farrago, 4th April 1951, p.1 – Barbara Smith plays Venus in ‘Queen’s Comedy’ – Farrago, 18th April 1951, p.3 – Juno and Apollo (Charmain Jacka and Tony Brown).
Extra Notes Revue
Cast Stage Producer: Joy Youlden Juno – Charmain Jacka; Hebe – Margaret Frayne; Minerva – Janet Buck; Venus – Barbara Smith; Jupiter – Frank Wilson; Mercury – Norman Woollard; Vulcan – Bill Ryall; Sleep – Rayden James; Mars – Ernest Hondros; Apollo – Anthony Brown; Bacchus – Tony Helm; The Horn of Plenty Girl – Jennifer haggard; Juno’s Handmaidens – Terry Murphy, Beverley Jackson, Judy Hall, Glen Saleeba, Elizabeth Creswell, Barbara Friedman, Beth Ruffin, Beth Brown; Mercury’s Shadow – Little Audrey; Agamemnon – Michael Moore; Ulysses – Douglas Callister; Diomed – Nat Gould; Nestor – Alan Baxter; Thetis – Lesley Rayll; Neptune – Alan Griffiths; Water Maiden – Jennifer Haggard; Hecamede – Helen Langley; Machaon – Gordon Petrie; Orderly – Bill Rogers; Infantryman – Bruce Loft; Dying Man – Tony Helm.
References Program/Farrago – 1951
Reviews Farrago, 18th April 1951, p.3 – “Commencement Play, Spectacular, Beautiful”
Notes Program Note: ‘It is with the deepest regret that we have to record the death of Desmond Connor – co-founder, designer and sole director of the Union Theatre. ‘Des’ as he was universally known, had been associated with the University Theatre since the early thirties, when he mounted and directed the early Revues at the Palace, Princess, Kings and Garrick. The Union Theatre will be his memorial. People in many walks of life will feel the deepest sense of personal loss at the passing of a man of such vision, high artistic integrity and personal charm.’