The Ascent of F6 – 25/07/1951

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Title The Ascent of F6
Start Date 25/07/1951
End Date 28/07/1951
Abstract A tragedy which is allegorical in nature. The story of 2 climbers deals with satirical themes of politics and urbanity as well as some Freudian imagery and religious symbolism.
Author Isherwood
Director Ben Meredith
Author Auden
Designer Joy Connor
Designer Gil Docking
Music Director Margaret Lyall
Company Queen’s College Players
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews Farrago, 1st August 1951, p.7 – “Methodists Masterly”
Extra Notes MU Revue
Notes *31st annual production recorded since the first in 1889
Photo Farrago, 25th July 1951, p.8 – “Ian Maddocks, Alan Griffith and Barbara Clarke in a tense moment.”
Cast Michael Ransom – Ian Maddocks (Ormond College); Mrs. A. – Glen Saleeba; Mr. A. – Bert Bell (Ormond College); Sir James Ransom – John Neal; Lady Isabel Welwyn – Barbara Clarke; General Dellaby-Couch – George Ellis; Lord Stagmantle – Allan Griffith; Announcer – John Upton; David Gunn – Cliff Judge (Ormond College); Ian Shawcross – Peter Evans; Dr. Williams – Bill Scott; Edward Lamp – Geoff Colman; Mrs. Ransom – Mimi Yees; The Newsboys – Bob Saunders, Jim Howie; A Monk – Robin Bell; The Abbott – Arthur Huck; Two Acolytes – Phil Chenoweth, Raleigh Robinson; Chorus – Ben Meredith; Voices – Sheila McLean, Glen Saleeba, John Neal.
References Program/Farrago – 1951
Crew Stage Direction – Joy Connor; Stage Manager – John McCutchan; Wardrobe Mistress – Beth Brown; Music – Margaret Lyall; Music Technician – Ian Cathie; Recordings – Peter Goodman; Set Execution – John McCutchan, Bill Wheatland and Charles Ong; Design (Sets and Programme) – Gil docking; Properties – Eric Milkins, David Londey and Bob Saunders; Programme Supervision – Kel Arthur; Publicity – Raleigh Robinson, Ken Inglis and Arthur Huck; Play Secretary – Gil Docking; Play Treasurer – Blair Malcolm; Business Manager – Trevor Willis