Romeo and Juliet – 23/04/1953

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Title Romeo and Juliet
Start Date 23/04/1953
End Date 29/04/1953
Notes Shakespeare’s great tragedy of two star crossed lovers and two feuding families.
Designer John Sumner
Director John Sumner
Author William Shakespeare
Company Melbourne University Dramatic Club (MUDC)
Venue Union Theatre
References Program/Farrago 1953
Cast Escalus – Ronald Conway; Paris – Gilbert Brealey; Page to Paris – James Howey; Montague – Philip Sargeant; Capulet – Colin Munro; Romeo – Clifford Judge; Mercutio – Graeme Hughes; Benvolio – Harry Dawson; Tybalt – Wal Cherry; Friar Laurence – Robert Schroeder; Friar John – Alistair Tweeddale; Balthasar – John Starey; Peter – Neale Hunter; An Apothecary – Ralph Cohen; Three Watchmen – Dain Simpson, John Collins, John Sampson; An Officer – Brian Corlis; Lady Montague – Toni Cook; Lady Capulet – Beverly O’Hara; Juliet – Sylvia Reid; Nurse to Juliet – Brenda Dawson; Citizens of Verona, Kinsfolk of both Houses, Maskers, Guards, Watchmen, and Attendants – Mary Baird, Josephine McCutcheon, Barbara McIntosh, Jillian Price, Barbara Schwartz, Eva Strasser, Stuart Blackler, Robert Brow, John Button, John Collins, Brian Corlis, James Howey, John Lester, Frank Lewis, John Sampson, Dain Simpson, Stuart Skerritt, Alistair Tweeddale, Brian Westmore.
Reviews Farrago, 29 April 1953, p.7 – ‘one of the most successful commencement plays we have seen in the Union Theatre’.