The Giaconda Smile – 18/06/1953

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Title The Giaconda Smile
Start Date 18/06/1953
End Date 20/06/1953
Stage Manager Dain Simpson
Author Aldous Huxley
Director John Sumner
Designer John Sumner
Company Tin Alley Players
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews – 24 June, 1953, p.7 – ‘No Giaconda Grin’.
Cast Henry Hutton – Wyn Roberts; Janet Spence – Mary Thomas; Nurse Braddock – Louise Homfrey; Clara – Margaret Hetherington; Doris Mead – Beverley Dunn; Dr. Libbard – Kenneth Burgess; General Spence – Frank Brooks; A Warder – William Leatherdale.
References Program/Farrago 1953
Extra Notes MU Revue
Notes Producer: John Sumner Set design: John Sumner & members of Union Theatre Workshop Stage Manager: Dain Simpson