The Shoemaker’s Holiday – 16/07/1953

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Title The Shoemaker’s Holiday
Start Date 16/07/1953
End Date 18/07/1953
Abstract Written by a contemporary of Shakespeare, this play is a high spirited comedy of 16th Century London life.
Designer John Sumner
Music Director Ian Heffernan
Director O’Keefe, Maggie
Music Director Margaret Lyall
Author Thomas Dekker
Company Queen’s College Players
Venue Union Theatre
References Elden de Steiger Collection – Box 2 (184/02) Rowden White Library; Photographs, Drama Box No. 17.6, Queen’s College Archives.
Notes 33rd annual production recorded since the first in 1889
Photo Farrago, 22 July 1953, p.1 – Alan Hopgood, Beth Brown, Peter Evans.
Crew Set and Lighting Direction – John Sumner; Stage Manager – Dan Linsten; Sound Effects – John Hall; Wardrobe – Beth Brown; Lighting Execution – Ron Field; Properties – David Tredinnick, Jack Hoadley, John Gellie and Don Linforth; Programme Design – John Goodluck; Publicity – Alan Jordan, John Besley, Les Mill, Wes Laws and Bren Jarrett; Dance arranged by – Margaret Henderson; Music – Margaret Lyall and Ian Heffernan; Songs – Drew Lelean, Ian Heffernan and Ossie Marett; Prompter – Margaret Lyall; ticket Secretary – Alan Body; Play Secretary – Ian Cathie; Play Treasurer – Kel Arthur; Business Manager – Max Stansall
Reviews Farrago, 22 July 1953, p.6 – “Best Ever” says critic of Queen’s comedy.
Cast The King – John Goodluck; The Earl of Cornwall – Don Hunt ; Sir Hugh Lacy, Earl of Lincoln – Peter Evans; Rowland Lacy, otherwise Hans Askew – Jim Howie; His Nephews – Jim Howie, Graham Schmidt; Sir Roger Oteley, Lord Mayor of London – Alan Hopgood; Citizens of London: [Master Hammon – Alan Scott; Master Warner – John Upton; Master Scott – Wal Campbell]; Simon Eyre, the Shoemaker – Colin Roberts; Eyre’s Journeymen: [Hodge – Bill Scott; Firk – Graeme Gregory; Ralph – Bob Saunders]; Lovell, a Courtier – John Withers; Dodger, Servant to the Earl of Lincoln – Geoff Harcourt; Hammon’s Serving Man – Alan Kermode; A Dutch Skipper – Basil Carden; First Boy – Geoff Orr; Second Boy – David Johnson; Rose, Daughter of Sir Roger – Mary Campbell; Sybil, her Maid – Beth Brown; Margery, Wife of Simon Eyre – Margaret Hetherington; Jane, Wife of Ralph – Beryl Johnson; Noblemen – Graham Schmidt, John Withers, Murray Treseder, Barry Cole; Soldiers – David Tredinnick, Jack Hoadley, Leslie Johnson, Murray Treseder, Barry Cole; Apprentices – David Tredinnick, Jack Hoadley, Leslie Johnson, John Gellie, David Johnson, Don Linforth.