The Young Elizabeth – 22/02/1954

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Title The Young Elizabeth
Start Date 22/02/1954
End Date 03/05/1954
Author Letten, Francis
Author Dowling, Jennette
Cast Member Zoe Caldwell
Director John Sumner
Designer John Sumner
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Cast Palace guard, Lord William Howard – David Niven; Servant, Abel Cousins – John Watson; Lord Thomas Seymour; Sir Peter Carew – Alex Scott; Katherine Parr – Sheila Florance; Mary Tudor – Carmel Dunn; William Cecil – Ron Grainger; Bishop Gardiner – Peter O’Shaughnessy; Amy – Norma Edwards; Katherine Ashley – Lorna Kirwood Jones; Elizabeth Tudor – Zoe Caldwell; Thomas Parry – Knox Walker; Robert Dudley – Btian Wallace; Lord Robert Tyrwhitt – Bary Humphries; Lady Tyrwhitt – Jane Adams; Sir Francis Verney – Bryan Edward; Sir Thomas Wyatt – George Fairfax
Extra Notes Dance
Notes 1st season 31 August 1953 – 3 April 1954 Stage Director – Ron Field Stage Manager – Bryan Edward – Richard Percy Assistant Stage Manager – Norma Edwards Wardrobe MIstress – Beth Brown Organising Secretary – Margo Braybrook
References IWLAW