04/08/1954 – 13/04/1954

John Galsworthy
John Whittington and Mavis George
Matt Denant – Wyn Roberts; The Girl of the Town – Maggie O’Keefe; The Plain Clothes Man – Alan Jackson; The Policeman – Bill Scott; The other Policeman – Wally Dowell; The fellow Convict – Keith Macartney; The Warder – Wal Cherry; The other Warder – Douglas Smith; The lady at the Inn – Charmain Jacka; The Maid – Wilma Atkins; The Old Gentleman – Douglas McKellar; The Captian – Wally Dowell; The Shopkeeper – Ken C. Burgess; His Wife – Margaret Hetherington; His Sister – Marjorie Pressley; The man in sports clothes – Elden de Steiger; His Wife – Peggy Haynes; The Dartmoor Constable – William Leatherdale; The Labourer – Douglas McKellar; The Other Labourer – David Beyer; The Farmer – David Denton; The Little Girl – Helen Langley; Miss Grace – Beatrice Lyall; Miss Dora – Nance Turnbull; The Parson – Jock Tomlinson; Ther Bellringer – Elden de Steiger.