The Hasty Heart – 13/09/1954

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Title The Hasty Heart
Start Date 13/09/1954
End Date 27/09/1954
Designer Ron Field (s)
Author John Patrick
Cast Member Zoe Caldwell
Director Norman Cull
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Extra Notes CP Gillman, adapted by Melita Rowston
Notes 2nd season 30 July – 27 March 1955 Stage Director – Ron Field Stage Manager – Malcolm Robertson Assistant Stage Manager – Peter Batey – Sylvia Reid Wardrobe Mistress – Beth Brown Organising Secretary – Margo Braybrook
Cast Orderly – Malcolm Robertson; Yank – Alex Scott; Digger – Michael Hourihan; Kiwi – Richard Trahir; Blossom – Ian Maugham; Tommy – Noel Ferrier; Margaret – Zoe Caldwell; Colonel – Paul Maloney; Lachlan – Ray Lawler
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