Under the Sycamore Tree – 02/07/1955

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Title Under the Sycamore Tree
Start Date 02/07/1955
End Date 21/02/1955
Cast Member Zoe Caldwell
Author Samuel Spewak
Director Ray Lawler
Designer Norma Dickason (s)/Beth Brown (c)
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
References IWLAW
Extra Notes Dance
Notes 2nd season 30 July 1954 – 27 March 1955 Stage Director – Ron Field Stage Manager – Malcolm Robertson Assistant Stage Manager – Peter Batey – Sylvia Reid Wardrobe Mistress – Beth Brown Organising Secretary – Margo Braybrook
Cast The queen – Maree Tomasetti; The chief statistician – Michael Hourihan; The scientist – Brian Crossley; The general – Alex Scott; The boy – Peter Batey; The girl – Zoe Caldwell; Brown ant – Malcolm Robertson; Workers – Ingrid Asche – Norma Edwards – Sylvia Reid