The Dark is Light Enough – 09/05/1955

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Title The Dark is Light Enough
Start Date 09/05/1955
End Date 19/09/1955
Director Ray Lawler
Choreographer Marie Cumisky
Author Christopher Fry
Designer Anne Fraser(s, women’s c)
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Notes 3rd season 5 September 1955 – 17 March 1956 Organising Secretary – Olga Roughe Stage Director – Peter Batey Stage Manager – Peter Dease Assistant Stage Manager – Frederick Parslow – Malcolm Billings Wardrobe Mistress – Ann Carr Opening play for third season.
References IWLAW; Farrago 28/8/55 p10
Cast akob – Peter Batey; Kassel – Brian Crossley; Belmann – Barry Humphries; Stefan – Frederick Parslow; Bella – Muriel Stevens; Willi – David Niven; Gelda – June Jago; Richard Gettner – Tony Roberts; Countess Rosmarin Ostenburg – Patricia Kennedy; Colonel Janik – Noel Ferrier; Count Peter Zichy – William Bain; Corporal – Malcolm Billings; First soldier – Peter Dease; Second soldier – Neale Hunter
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