The Duchess of Malfi – 08/08/1955

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Title The Duchess of Malfi
Start Date 08/08/1955
End Date 13/08/1955
Author John Webster
Designer Brian Corless
Director David Niven
Company Melbourne University Dramatic Club (MUDC)
Venue Union Theatre
Reviews Farrago, 26/7/55, p.10 – ‘best play in years’; Farrago, 13/9/55, p.11 – “Blood and Thunder”.
Extra Notes Law Revue
Notes Stage Manager: Rhyll Jones. Contribution to NUAUS Drama Festival.
References Farrago 26/7/55 p10; Programme
Cast June Davis, Noel Battye, Nanette Nutt, Don Murray, Wendy Castley, Sandra Jeffery, David Collins, Brian Corless, Graeme Cantwell, Ian Maughan, Iolo Morgan, Don Edgar, Philip Sargeant, John Paul, Robert Ewins, Robin Elliott, Joe Rich, Georgina Batterham, Nils Hansen, Ron Thompson, Gilbert Brealey, Don Smith.