Time Remembered – 11/04/1956

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Title Time Remembered
Start Date 11/04/1956
End Date 14/04/1956
Abstract ‘The Marlowe Society was formed in 1946, during the exciting events which preceded the production of Marlowe’s ‘Edward The Second’. One of the declared aims of the Society, embodied in its constitution, was the presentation of “plays with a difference”…New members are always welcome, and a three shilling membership fee entitles the new member to a substantial concession on tickets…’
Music Director Margot Jones
Director David Collins
Author Jean Anouilh
Designer Noel Battye
Company Marlowe Society
Venue Union Theatre
References ‘Antogove’ Program; Minutes/Farrago – 1956
Notes There were 16 major productions in 1956 (Farrago, 25th September 1956, p.8 – has a run down on them all.) – Australian Premiere Marlowe Society Committee: Georgina Batterham, Stuart Blackler, Geraldine Burston, Alan Gregory, Dione Kibble, Gordon Kirby, Wilbur Sanders, Gwen Walker, Rosalind de Winter, Ray Wilson.
Typo in printed program: Ken Heywood should be Ken Heyward
Reviews P.6, Farrago, 1st May 1956 – “best student production in years despite nine first night during which all the classic disasters which can beset amateur theatre overtook the play.” E.g., late cues, wrong cues
Cast Monica Maughan, Nanette Nutt, Ray Wilson, Bruce Gifford, Roger Richardson, Bill Fitzwater, Dione Kibble, Stan Gold, Ern Hondros, Alex MacFarlane, Noel Battye, Anton Bowler, Geoff Richards, Margot Jones, Allan Kermode, Ruth Dixon, Wendy Castley, Alan Gregory, Alan Hanon.