The Entertainer – 1960

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Title The Entertainer
Year 1960
Abstract Musical piece set in a coastal resort in England. Based on the tradition of the Music Hall.
Choreographer Rex Reid
Author Addison, John (Music)
Director John Sumner
Designer Anne Fraser
Author Osborne, John
Company The Union Theatre Repertory Company (UTRC)
Venue Union Theatre
Notes 7th season 31 August 1959 – 3 March 1960 Musicians: Piano – Max Olding; Drums – Gary Hyde Stage Manager – Alan Harvey Assistant Stage Manager – Marion Edward – Lyndell Rowe Electrician – Rodger Richardson
Extra Notes Proceeds of refreshments to International House Appeal.
References IWLAW
Cast Billie Rice – Frederick Parslow; Jean Rice – Mary Hardy; Phoebe Rice – Joan Harris; Archie Rice – Frank Gaitliff; Frank Rice – Lewis Fiander; Britannia – Dorothy Bradley; William Rice – George Ogilvie; Graham – Graeme Hughes
Photo Photographs – Helmut Newton