The Cave Dwellers – 04/08/1960

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Title The Cave Dwellers
Start Date 04/08/1960
End Date 06/08/1960
References Farrago 15/7/60 p.7.
Cast Michael Joshua, Janet Stahl, Neil Courtney, Janet Oehr, David Kendall, John Stocks.
Reviews Farrago 5/9/60 p.7. and 16/9/60 p.7. – positive review.
Photo Photograph of Jane Oehr at a rehearsal for the production – Farrago 15/7/60 p.7. Photograph of Robin Hardiman – Farrago 5/8/60 p.2.
Notes Farrago 5/8/60 p.2. – light-hearted interview with Hardiman about the play.
Extra Notes Comedy revue