Our Town – 1960

Title Our Town
Start Date 12/07/1960
End Date 16/07/1960
Abstract The central character is a stage manager who attempts to induce the audience to imagine the town’s scenery which is not there and understand the characters who populate it. A play dealing with the generalities and universal experiences of humankind.
Director Keith Macartney
Author Thorton Wilder
Lighting Ron Stodden
Stage Manager Tim Cormack
Director Meg Smith
Company Queen’s College Players
Venue Union Theatre
Extra Notes Program provides some information on Meg Smith and Keith Macartney’s history with theatre at Melbourne University.
Photo Photograph of the play – Farrago 15/7/60 p.6.
Reviews Farrago 15/7/1960 p.6. – commented that the play would be excellent for radio and perhaps was a radio play adapted for the stage; criticized the stage manager for having “a quasi American accent which ought to have been ignored completely for us Australians. We drawl well enough in our own right”, but believed the play was very good.
References Program; Farrago 1/7/60 p.4.,Queens college archives: Box 12.3-12.4 Folder 12.3-5.1
Cast Stage Manager – Anthony Cartwright; Dr. Gibbs – Lyndsay J. Morris; Joe Crowell – John Willis; Howie Newsome – Claude Crouch; Mrs. Gibbs – Judy Read; Mrs. Webb – Janet Stahl; George Gibbs – Christopher Foster; Rebecca Gibbs – Penelope Curtis; Wally Webb – Edwin Webb; Emily Webb – Deirdre O’Day; Professor Willard – Bob Langton; Mr. Webb – Roger Swain; First Woman in Audience – Gillian Lennox; Man in Auditorium – John Hinde; Second Woman in Auditorium – Ruby May; Simon Stimson – Brian Worth; Mrs. Soames – Janet McAlpin; Constable Warren – Barry Thorpe; Si Crowell – Syon Benjamin’; Baseball Players – David Curtis, Chris Malseen and David Saunders; Sam Craig – Lindsay Moore; Joe Stoddard – John Hinde; Mr Carter – David Curtis; Farmer McCarty – David Saunders; Other People of the Town – (Voices of the Dead, and Pallbearers) – Louise Homfrey, Gillian Lennox, Ruby May, Barry Colbert, Noel Giacometti, Chris Malseed, John Waldron, John Walter, Trevor Williams; Organist – John McLure; Choir – Coral Chesterfield, Margaret Hagger, Barbara McKay, Joan Pilkington, Alistair Orton, David Stark, Richard Walter
Crew Assistants – Ken Ewins, Russ Glen, Bruce Hodsdon and Garth Hogg; Theatre Manager – Ron Field; Mechanist – Rod Quinn; Costumes – Marjorie Spalding; Assisted by – Barbara Beatty, Pat Harrisson, Jane Miller and Vida Valiukeviciute; Make-Up – Jean Watters and John Bailey; Production Secretary – Noel Giacometti; Business Manager – Ian Price; Treasurer – Jim Richardson; Ticket Secretary – Graeme Goode; Assisted by – Richard Golding, Derek Breach and Keith McKechnie; Poster Design – Don Glasson; Executed by – Kel Mather
Notes dir. Prof. Macartney 39th Annual Production